Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, announces its partnership with GameAnalytics, a premier analytics platform in the gaming industry. This partnership marks the beginning of a new era of in-game monetization, with the integration of Xsolla’s Web Shop into the GameAnalytics platform. The initiative aims to provide game developers with next-generation tools for direct-to-consumer sales, starting with a pioneering proof of concept centered around the Xsolla Web Shop.

This partnership with GameAnalytics is a game-changer for developers worldwide. Combining GameAnalytics’ powerful data analysis tools with Xsolla’s comprehensive sales solutions provides developers with an unprecedented opportunity to understand and engage their audience directly. This empowers developers to maximize their revenue potential and enhances the gaming experience for players by ensuring the games they love continue to thrive.

Berkley Egenes, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Growth Officer at Xsolla

Game developers integrate their games with GameAnalytics to access mission-critical data and uncover valuable insights about their games’ performance, including engagement and monetization data. This, above others, allows them to understand player spending behavior, optimize their revenue streams, and maximize earning potential.

We are excited to embark on this partnership with Xsolla, a company that shares our commitment to empowering game developers. Integrating Xsolla’s Web Shop into our analytics platform opens new avenues for developers to monetize their games more effectively. This collaboration is about providing actionable insights that enable developers to craft compelling experiences for gamers while optimizing their revenue streams. It’s a testament to our shared vision of supporting the growth and success of the gaming community.

Allison Bilas, COO at GameAnalytics

Xsolla is a pivotal player in the gaming industry, collaborating with thousands of developers, publishers, and platforms, including Epic Games, Roblox, Twitch, Steam, Kabam, Niantic, EA, Warner Brothers, Wizards of the Coast, Sega, Take Two, SciPlay and Miniclip. As a merchant of record, Xsolla undertakes the risk and operational complexity associated with direct-to-consumer video game sales, addressing challenges such as chargebacks, fraud, taxes, and compliance laws. This partnership underscores Xsolla’s commitment to supporting the gaming community by facilitating direct sales to consumers online, bypassing substantial platform fees associated with traditional app stores.

With the recent announcement of powering web shops for 40 of the top 100 mobile games, Xsolla continues demonstrating its dedication to innovation and support for mobile game developers. The collaboration with GameAnalytics represents a significant step forward in achieving this goal, offering developers cutting-edge tools to analyze, understand, and monetize their games effectively.

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