Starting July 3, Supersonic Studios is launching an exhilarating contest that gives you the opportunity to win massive cash prizes at every step of the publishing process. Get ready to Follow the Formula and unlock the path to success!

Supersonic Studios, known for its innovative and engaging mobile games, is offering game developers an incredible chance to maximize their Lifetime Value (LTV) and earn big bonuses along the way. By combining specific mechanics and genres, you’ll have the opportunity to create games that resonate with players and propel your career to new heights.

The contest is designed to reward developers for their hard work and dedication. Here’s a glimpse of the cash prizes that await participants:

  • $500 for every prototype tested: As you progress through the development process, Supersonic Studios will award you $500 for each prototype you test.
  • $10,000 one-time bonus (on top of $2,000 per month) for every game in iterations: Developing a game is an iterative process, and Supersonic Studios understands the importance of continuously improving and enhancing your creations. In recognition of your dedication to refinement, they are offering a remarkable $10,000 one-time bonus for every game that goes through iterations. On top of that, you will receive a monthly stipend of $2,000, providing you with financial support during the development phase.
  • $200,000 minimum guarantee for publishing: By following the suggested combinations of mechanics and genres, you will not only maximize your LTV but also unlock the possibility of earning a minimum guarantee of $200,000 upon publishing.

To participate in the Follow the Formula Contest and grab your chance at these remarkable prizes, simply visit the Supersonic Studios website and access the submission page.

There, you will find a comprehensive list of combo suggestions tailored to help you create captivating games. These suggestions are the culmination of Supersonic Studios’ extensive market research and expertise, providing you with valuable insights into what makes a successful game.