Dear readers of our website, we have big news for you! We have worked long and hard and can finally announce our results. We are combining our marvellous HIT Games Conference website with a media resource, which from now on will be proudly called HIT Blog!

Soon all of our new labours will find a new home, and we will finally complete the move under the wing of our beloved HIT Games Conference to a blog format on the main site! This is an important step in the merger of our structures, but you can rest assured that our commitment to providing you with quality content will remain at the same high level.


It’s a big step for us to combine the efforts of working on the conference and news site we’ve been working hard on for the past few months, and it’s a nice bonus for you that won’t affect your consumption of better news in any way. Except better:) In addition to operational news, the blog format will involve analytics from our editors, as well as unique author content – we really hope you find this decision interesting!

Our news site has been in existence for over 3 years, in that time we have:

  • 1,500 published articles
  • Partnerships with leading platforms and game publishers
  • 20,000+ monthly visitors

Join us at the HIT Games Conference and take an active part in shaping the future of gaming discourse. Share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences with our growing community. Let’s take the gaming conversation to new heights together! Add the HIT Blog to your bookmarks and stay up to date on all gaming news!