According to PocketGamer, hypercasual games publisher Supersonic is now four years old, with an impressive history and a slew of milestones already behind it. Chief among them is the 4.98 billion downloads achieved across Supersonic’s portfolio thus far, containing more than 100 published titles.

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Three of those titles – Bridge Race, Going Balls and Tall Man Run – were among the 10 most downloaded hypercasual games of 2023, ranking second, third and ninth respectively. And even in the fiercely competitive mobile market at large, when comparing every mobile game in every genre, Bridge Race and Going Balls ranked a highly impressive 11th and 12th for downloads.

The source of success revealed that in 2023, seven of the top 100 downloaded games comprised Supersonic titles: Bridge Race, Going Balls, Tall Man Run, Emoji Puzzle, Build a Queen, Slow Mo Run, and Hide ‘N Seek. This made Supersonic’s owner Unity the fourth-largest publisher in the world based on installs last year, following behind industry giants like Azur, Tencent and Onesoft.

Unity also landed second place among hypercasual publishers as a result.

Over the past year Supersonic games have been downloaded nearly 1.6 billion times, rising from a total 3.4 billion this time last year to 4.98 billion now. This boost was supported by the 2023 title Build a Queen, the fifth most downloaded mobile game of September 2023 that has since remained in the top 20.

The single-player platformer sees players literally build a queen by choosing between alternating platforming paths, earning customisation options along the way.

Building up

In Supersonic’s fourth year the mobile publisher streamlined its processes and provided resources to developers across prototyping, marketing, ideation and game design. It updated its A/B testing page, began offering more accurate statistical insights to devs, and empowered users to look more clearly at their chosen KPIs like playtime or retention rates.

2023 was a really exciting year for us, as we gave our self-serve platform a total overhaul. Every step we take, we aim to increase the transparency for our developer partners. We offer developers the technology to support the most efficient game growth, as well as our expert insights to support the growth of their soft skills, like game ideation.

We’re incredibly proud of some legacy games – like Bridge Race, Going Balls and Tall Man Run – still showing up strong in the top charts and driving great experiences for users and profits for the creators, as well as newer games like Build a Queen and Slow Mo Run that are joining the ranks of success, both in terms of downloads and revenue. We’re forever grateful to the growing list of studios who choose to partner with us to publish their game portfolio.

Unity Grow chief revenue officer Nadav Ashkenazy

Supersonic struck its latest publishing deal with Nitro Games last month, taking on UA and promotional duties for Autogun Heroes.

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