Hyper-casual games publisher Supersonic hits 3.4 billion downloads mark for all of its games in just three years. In total, there are around 74 games, 41 of which have been top-selling in various global markets at various times.

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The most popular game in the studio’s case is Bridge Race, which has been downloaded over 330 million times since its release; it is also the most popular hyper-casual game of 2022. This and other projects have resulted in Supersonic deservedly becoming the 6th largest publisher of mobile games worldwide.

Supersonic hits
Bridge Race – Supersonic’s most popular game

The company provides an array of tools for developers, including advanced prototype testing to help assess the likelihood of success of a particular game. Likewise, the studio provides level analytics, giving developers individual insight into how each level performs in relation to their tests, allowing them to quickly identify any problems and allowing developers to improve any levels that don’t meet expectations.

Supersonic also uses a crash centre, which allows developers to check that the game is working properly and determine whether any problems with the game cycle are technical rather than concept-based.