True Gamers, an esports lounge network, has recently unveiled plans to construct an expansive ‘esports island’ in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The ambitious proposal is inspired by a real-life island near Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital. True Gamers is presently holding discussions with “notable investors” to obtain the required $280 million (£219m) for the acquisition of the island and the development of all necessary facilities for the initiative.

True Gamers has recently announced the launch of a new project resulting from their long-term research efforts. Over 100 organizations operating in the esports industry, including more than 30 teams from North and South America, Europe, and MENA, provided input for the project. Virtus.Pro, Team Spirit, and BetBoom are some organizations that True Gamers have mentioned explicitly for their significant contributions to the project.

The island will have various locations that will focus on competition, provide boot camps, or offer accommodation. The Digital Tower will serve as the island’s hub and will include spaces for meetings, startup accelerators, and animation studios. Apart from the tower, an arena will be built, named the TG Arena. It will feature areas for esports tournaments, a computer club with approximately 100 PCs, a simulation racing section, and a space for console gaming.

The project will be concluded with a bootcamp section that will be similar to American collegiate fraternities. The boot camp will comprise accommodation and technology for training, and it will be developed with inputs from team managers worldwide, according to the creators.

The island project will feature a hotel called the GG Resort with 200 rooms that offer gaming PCs in addition to traditional hotel amenities. Inspired by the game PUBG, the island will also have a ‘parachute jump check-in’. A team of architects, including Abdullah bin Baz and Haitham Khojali, worked alongside True Gamers to design the island.

The creators of the island did not provide an exact opening date but expected a return on investment within 10 years of Esports Island’s opening.

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