SuperScale, the game management partner, today releases its latest ebook ‘From organic success to long-term revenue’, which addresses the concerns and opportunities identified in SuperScale’s landmark study, ‘Good Games Don’t Die’. The new SuperScale ebook builds on the signature whitepaper, providing mobile game developers with actionable insights and strategies to implement when a game gains organic traction. 

Organic strategies such as celebrity endorsement, streamer coverage, and TikTok virality can quickly catapult a game to the top of the charts, but it can be a challenge to maintain popularity. As discovered in the Good Games Don’t Die Report, 76% of launched games hit peak revenue and 47% of games die in year 1. The ebook provides developers with advice to further maximize the long-term revenue of games that have generated organic successes to date. 

Previous findings also revealed that over a quarter (26%) of developers do not measure the lifetime value (LTV) and return on ad spend (ROAS) for their games. The ebook offers insights for developers exploring LTV and ROAS for the first time, alongside the significance of factors such as seasonality and marketing to seasoned game-makers. As discovered in the Good Games Don’t Die report, only 41% of developers use Ad mediation platforms. Inside the ebook, SuperScale specialists explain this process, offering advice about picking the right network, and the bidding and waterfall optimization processes. 

The findings from the Good Games Don’t Die white paper have been read far and wide by the industry. We’ve delved into the data to deliver an ebook that addresses the opportunities some developers are not currently exploring. In today’s mobile gaming landscape, every revenue-making opportunity counts, so we’re giving developers the insights to take their organic success to the next level.

Ivan Trancik, CEO and Founder of SuperScale

To download the ‘Turning organic success into long-term revenue’ ebook, click here.

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