Mage Games, a game company founded by Murat Baysal in Izmir, received a $3.5 million investment led by Actera and with participation from Ludus Ventures. Mage Games offers a platform that speeds up game development and also develops and publishes mobile games.

We set out with a very experienced team that has achieved significant success in global projects. At Mage Games, we will develop competitive PvP games. At the same time, we are working on a platform that aims to accelerate the development processes of PvP games. With the investment tour, we plan to further strengthen our team and reach the first stage of our long-term goals faster.

Mage Games founder Murat Baysal

We are happy to invest in Mage Games with our new fund that we launched at the beginning of the year. We are excited to contribute to the adventure of this experienced team, which draws attention with its past successes and is specialized in its field.

Ludus Ventures
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