Gamer Arena announced that it has received a $6 million investment from DOMiNO Ventures. According to the report shared by Gamer Arena, the investment will be used to create new AI-based products and broaden the usage of GAU Token.

This platform is well-liked globally for organizing tournaments of more than 30 games, including FIFA, Clash Royale, and PUBG. It also provides users with the chance to compete one-on-one through its own developed games. The games are available on both web and mobile platforms and run on the GAU Token infrastructure, which Gamer Arena developed entirely. The platform has over 500,000 members and hosts more than 700 tournaments.

The company, which has developed a competitive gaming platform powered by artificial intelligence and Web3 Gamer Arena, is also working on innovative products in various areas. Its aim is to expand the use and value of GAU Token in the future. By implementing new products using the GAU Token infrastructure, the company’s main goal is to take its current success in the competitive gaming field to new heights.

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