The Winter 2024 edition of Xsolla’s exclusive industry report brings you the latest trends and events impacting the video game landscape and Berkley Egenes comments. Explore the rich, evolving gaming world and uncover predictions and forecasts you can use to power your business decisions.

As we unveil The State of Play Winter 2024 Edition, it’s clear the gaming industry is navigating a transformative era. This report, rich with data and insights, is a testament to our commitment to empowering developers and industry stakeholders. It offers a deep understanding of the market dynamics and emerging trends, crucial for shaping strategies and embracing the future of gaming.

Berkley Egenes, chief marketing & growth officer of Xsolla

According to Xsolla, the global games market is predicted to experience steady growth, generating revenues of $211.2 billion by 2025. Mobile games are expected to dominate the market, contributing an estimated $103.1 billion driven primarily by user spending. Cloud gaming is also emerging as a significant disruptor and is expected to generate a revenue of approximately $8.2 billion. Additionally, the VR gaming sector is projected to gain traction, yielding around $3.2 billion in revenue by 2024.

It has been acknowledged by the market that both Apple and Google are not willing to change their guidelines or give up their 30% fee. In some countries, such as South Korea, where payments through third-party systems are permitted, Google still charges 26%, making it unprofitable to use external systems according to Xsolla. The report contains more details.

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