Mobile application market analytics service AppMagic shared statistics on the popularity of hyper-casual games in the fourth quarter of 2021. Race Master 3D racing simulator from Belarusian company SayGames topped the list.

Using a tool to compare market segments, tracked the overall dynamics in the genres. The hyper-casual games market grew by 13.5% over the third quarter, reaching 4.58 billion downloads of the total for the last three months of 2021.

Traditionally, Bridge Race and Hair Challenge remains the hits of the year’s first half. 2021 is remembered for a game based on the Squid Game series. Most of these games failed to find an audience and quickly faded away. However, two games managed to linger in the last quarter of 2021:

We have already written about the “Squid Game” phenomenon and its mobile clones before, so let’s take a look at the most exciting representatives of the top.

Race Master 3D – Car Racing

The game itself is traditional racing, without any extraordinary meta. But, the quality of racing is at a relatively high level for the hyper-casual genre. Not only has Race Master 3D garnered the most downloads, but it also has the highest quarterly revenue of any game in the top.

Yes or No?! — Food Pranks

The game ranked #6 in the top with 34 million downloads, peaking at the end of October. The game is a collection of different hyper-casual sub-genres: pranks, anti-stress, anti-stress toy swapping, and a humble meta with a roomy setting.

Merge Animals 3D – Mutant Race

Rounding out the top game with 32.5 million downloads in the last quarter of 2021. The game itself is a scroller with a character editor: the player can mix genes from different animals and race against obstacles. Depending on the genes, the speed of overcoming the obstacles changes.