Simon Carless from GameDiscoverCo decided to track players from which countries played on Steam and PlayStation for the last two weeks (from January 16, 2024, to January 30, 2024).

There is a hypothesis that this figure more realistically reflects the distribution of active audiences by country and excludes those who play once every six months.

Steam statistics

  • 21% of the audience on Steam is from China. That’s 71% more than the study that looked at all players on the platform
  • These numbers may have been influenced by the release of Palworld, 36.4% of the audience is from China
  • The 2nd largest audience is from the US (13.6%); Russia is third (8.7%)

PlayStation statistics

  • 31.7% of the audience on PlayStation in the last two weeks is from the US.
  • France (5.5%), the UK (5.3%) and, surprisingly, Brazil (5.3%) are next.
  • There is also a large audience in Hong Kong (3.6% of the total – probably due to “gray” shipments of consoles to China) and Turkey (2.52% of the total audience – most likely due to the overflow of audience from Russia).
  • Arab countries account for 5.4% of PlayStation’s total audience, which suggests that the region is becoming increasingly important to Sony.
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