Valve has published a report on the Steam platform for 2023. The company primarily focused on product updates, but some exciting numbers existed. Over 500 games on Steam earned over $3 million in 2023. That’s double what it made in 2018.

  • The company boasts that a quarter of the top projects were released by developers whose games had not previously been released on Steam.
  • However, that’s not to say that teams haven’t had that experience.
  • Store crossed the 33 million CCU mark for the first time. That said, the record has already been broken in 2024.
  • The company is pleased with its sales. For example, at the fall sale, 21% more games made over $1 million than in 2022. Oh, and in general, sales at these events are on the rise.
  • Steam also notes that people are actively using physical and digital gift cards. Between Dec. 20 and Dec. 31, 2023, $80 million of physical cards were activated.
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