Appsflyer’s 2022 report indicates that the number of hyper-casual game installations in the Indian market grew by 32% compared to the same period in 2021.

A side note: Appsflyer about state of the mobile gaming advertising market

These high figures were achieved despite Google’s ban on intermediate advertising in hyper-casual games, which has forced many marketers to struggle to adapt to a drastically changed market.

number of hyper-casual game installations
Number of hyper-casual game installations in different countries. The leaders are highlighted in green.

However, India was not the only country where the hyper-casual genre was at the top of gaming Olympus. In Turkey, for example, the number of installations of this type of game was even higher, at around 35%. However, Turkey is one of the most popular gaming markets, moreover, a huge number of hyper-casual games start-ups are located in Turkey.

India, on the other hand, is more of a promising market which, as practice shows, could justifiably take its well-deserved leadership position in mobile gaming in the coming years, especially in the hyper-casual genre. Overall, the genre has led the world in terms of downloads, but has lagged behind in terms of monetisation.