Marketing company Appsflyer has released a report on the state of the mobile gaming advertising market in 2022. Last year, according to the study, companies invested almost $27 billion in user engagement.

A side note: How hyper-casual games became the backbone of the market

The leaders are the US, with $12.2 billion, and Japan, where companies spent almost $2 billion.

There were also some changes in the ratio of installations on Android (which increased by 7.9%) and iOS (the number of installations dropped by 5%). At the same time, revenue from in-game purchases on Android fell by 14%, while on iOS the decline was only 1%. The average cost of advertising on the Cupertino platform also rose: it was raised by 88% to $3.8, while Android steadily keeps the bar around $0.7 (although this figure varies dynamically from country to country).

state of the mobile gaming advertising market
Ratio of advertising expenditure for different game genres

The most popular game genres in 2022 that were heavily promoted were:

  • Games in the match genre. 19% of the total expenditure was in this genre.
  • Hyper-casual games. Contrary to certain transformations in the hyper-casual market, developers’ spending on advertising for these games amounted to 14%.
  • Role-playing games. On iOS and Android this figure was almost the same at 11%.