SensorTower has named the most popular mobile games genres for 2022 in its new report. Despite falling revenues and overall downloads, some games in the market continue to perform well.

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The most popular mobile games genres by download:

  • hypercasual games – 12.3 billion (-10% for the year);
  • arcades – 5.9 billion (-3% for the year);
  • simulation games – 4.8 billion (the same number of downloads as in 2021);
  • puzzles – 4.5 billion (-8% for the year);
  • Lifestyle games – 3 billion (-11% for the year).
SensorTower has named the most popular
Revenues and downloads fall throughout 2022

Against all odds, these genres showed a drop in the number of downloads compared to the same period in 2021.

A similar situation can be observed with regard to profitability, as these results are mostly just as low as those of 2021:

  • RPGs – $20.2bn (-14% for the year);
  • strategy games – $16.3 billion (-7% for the year);
  • puzzles – $9.1 billion (-4% for the year);
  • casinos – $8 billion (-1% for the year);
  • shooters – $4.6 billion (-22% for the year).

Also in 2022, the hybrid-casual model of gaming saw a 14% increase in downloads. The genre grew strongly throughout the year, reducing production costs and expanding strategies for monetisation, thereby attracting a wider audience of players.