Passion Punch, one of the rising stars in the world of mobile gaming with a strong team and successful games, has received a $4 million investment, according to the Egirisim website. The investment round, led by Colendi, included Turkcell New Technologies GSYF and Re-Pie Portfolio. The company’s valuation was $39 million at the end of the round.

Passion Punch has created successful games that have reached more than 200 million players in three years. The company gained attention by entering the Unity Gaming Report 2022.

Thanks to blockchain technology, we couldn’t stay away and watch how games can reward their communities this way. Today, we are fully transferring our vision to web3 games with the hope of a future where we can say, “We were there when this amazing change happened.”

Vugar Hasani, co-founder and CEO of Passion Punch

Our goal is to pioneer this market, where the competition has not yet reached a high level, by offering fun products with sustainable economics that merge the worlds of F2P (free to play) and web3, using Passion Punch’s expertise in the mobile gaming industry. We believe in achieving first results using models unique in the web3 gaming industry.

Burak Ökmen, co-founder and CEO of Passion Punch

We are excited to support Passion Punch’s move to web3 and their vision for the future of mobile gaming. As the gaming industry rapidly evolves, web3 technology has the potential to create new opportunities and revenue streams for developers, providing a more inclusive and decentralized gaming ecosystem. We believe Passion Punch is well-positioned to lead this evolution. We’re excited to be part of that journey.

Bülent Tekmen, CEO of Colendi Global

We continue to build our portfolio by investing in startups with high growth potential and technology and innovation-driven business models. The gaming industry in Turkey is one of the countries that receive the most investment from Europe. We are witnessing very successful initiatives. The gaming industry is also one of the sectors we focus on. In line with this understanding, Passion Punch has also been on our radar, and we are happy to have realized our investment.

Mehmet Ali Ergin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Re-Pie Portfolio