Flying Sheep Studios receives $1.2 million in funding to promote its Star Life game. The investment came from the German government.

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Star Life is being developed using HTML5 web technology and will be a very accessible game with a meta-universe that can be played from any browser on any device. Flying Sheep has hired additional staff to develop this groundbreaking project.

Flying Sheep Studios receives

We are grateful to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action for their support and confidence in our project. This funding demonstrates that the federal video games budget is working as intended, promoting the development of advanced technical know-how as well as creating and securing jobs.

Thomas Rössig, CEO of Flying Sheep Studios

In addition to the above, Star Life will include additional blockchain or NFT-enabled items, giving players more ownership and freedom over their virtual items. These items can be transferred and used across platforms, making the process streamlined and convenient. Likewise, Star Life will be a free-to-play game.