South Korean game developer 4:33 Creative Lab launches its new studio Delabs, which will focus on creating Web3 games.

A side note: The future of Web3 games

Delabs will operate within the Polygon service ecosystem, which shows us that the South Korean companies are serious about working in the Web3 space.

By becoming Polygon’s flagship partner, Delabs is poised to make significant strides in driving the web3 gaming industry forward, providing numerous benefits and opportunities for the sector as a whole. Delabs’ mission is to shake up the decentralized space, propelling the industry towards the next generation of games.

Junmo Kwon, CEO of Delabs.
4:33 Creative Lab launches
Rumble Racing Star is one of three games being developed by Delabs

Delabs is currently developing three games – a racing game, a survival RPG and an anime-style game. Delabs has appointed specialised genre specialists to develop each project, providing fans with a compelling and familiar experience. The company employs around 100 people.