1. Minimum Build Size

When creating lighting for hyper-casual mobile games, we want to keep the build size to a minimum. This is why it’s better to avoid using baked lighting. Make sure you uncheck the “Bake Global illumination” option in the “Mixed Lighting” foldout.

2. Skybox Lighting

Skybox lighting, the most realistic type of ambient lighting, uses an HDRI image to generate the scene lighting. Make sure to click “generate lighting” after applying the skybox material.

3. Gradient Colours

Gradient colours illuminate the scene with 3 colours. One from the top, one from the sides and one from the bottom. It helps to visually separate objects that are shadowed and creates an overall less flat-looking ambient lighting for your game.

4. Single Colours

A single colour ambient light illuminates the scene with a single colour from all directions. It’s a simple process, but sometimes the effect is crucial and can create a more inviting design that affects the game experience.

5. Ambient Lighting

Unity offers a very simple way to utilize 3 different types of ambient light in your games. It creates a more appealing look. You can find these options in Window → Rendering → Lighting → Settings, in the Environment Lighting section.