Gaming giants TapNation and The Sandbox have launched a partnership to create the next generation of meta-universe-based gaming experiences.

A side note: TapNation has become one of the leading web3 companies in France

The collaboration will leverage The Sandbox’s cutting-edge technology to create immersive and interactive gaming environments that go beyond traditional mobile gaming. Combined with TapNation’s expertise, the two partners aim to deliver a truly memorable experience with high replay value, attracting a large and diverse audience similar to that found in mobile gaming.

TapNation and The Sandbox
The Sandbox operates a meta-verse

We are very excited to partner with The Sandbox to provide our players with the next generation of gaming experience. The Sandbox metaviverse offers endless possibilities for our games, and we can’t wait to see how players react to this new level of immersion.

Hervé Montoute, CEO of TapNation

This partnership represents a turning point in TapNation’s ambition to become a major force in the ever-expanding Web3 gaming sector. The collaboration will begin with the development of three concepts combining Web3 and mobile games, and will begin in the coming months. At the moment, TapNation is considered the leader in blockchain game development in France.