Users don’t really think about the process of developing a hyper-casual, mobile game. Instead, you hear, see information about the game, search, download, and play. But on the inside, there are many processes, systems, and entities involved in creating and launching a game.

One of the confusing aspects of the hyper-casual, mobile game industry is developers and publishers.

Developers of hyper-casual, mobile games

As it sounds, it is. Game developers developing a game, it’s simple, right? Whether the developer is a prominent industrial tycoon or an individual company, the game developer is behind the ACTUAL game creation. He creates a mobile game from scratch; this includes creative aspects such as storyline and gameplay and technical structures such as code.

The main tasks performed by game developers include creating the storyline, characters, and visuals from a creative side and overseeing and executing the programming required to bring the game to life. Basically, the job of a game developer involves moving a mobile game from idea to implementation.

Publishers of hyper-casual, mobile games

A mobile game publisher is an entity or organization that brings a finished, already developed game to the market. A game publisher’s job includes launch strategy, marketing, product management, and other steps involved in officially publishing a game.

In addition to the steps involved in publishing a game, publishers can offer industry experience. For example, the publisher can provide expert services such as market research, app store optimization, and more business-oriented processes valuable to the developer and publisher.

Today, game developers can choose between self-publishing or partnering with an experienced mobile game publisher with industry experience. It’s easier to self-publish the game, and in some cases, it can be cheaper. However, partnering with a game publisher brings unprecedented benefits and perks to ensure that everything is thought out right from the start.

By working with a game publisher, you can be sure that the publisher will handle all aspects of your game outside the development of your game. From local marketing strategies to well-thought-out monetization strategies, publishers cover the business aspects of launching games.

You can work with a hyper-casual, mobile game publisher to localize an existing game you are successful at or release a finished, unpublished project.

Another way is to team up with a game publisher early in the project development process to make it happen that the players want it.