100 Mystery Buttons by Panteon was released on August 2, 2021. Today the game passed the milestone of 25 million installs. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

Panteon’s journey began in 2012 with a dream to create a better mobile gaming experience. The studio’s approach is based on data and game know-how, which has helped the company reach millions of players.

Panteon boasts such hits:

Source: AppMagic

According to AppMagic, the studio has now earned a total of $1,060,899 and total installs of 191,388,620.

Side note: DIY Makeup reached 85 million installations.

More about 100 Mystery Buttons

Source: Google Play

In the game’s story, the gamer is trapped in a box of buttons. To get out, the player presses special buttons that trigger random events: filling the container with water, ping pong balls, or the appearance of a teddy bear.

The goal of 100 Mystery Buttons is to find the one button to help you get out.

The developers have provided mini-games for winning in which the player will get different perks, such as protection items — a helmet or a towel to wipe the slime.

Test your luck in 100 Mystery Button.