Tenjin and InMobi have prepared a report focusing on key aspects of the ad monetization market in October 2022. The information looked at popular types of ad integrations today, the top countries by revenue, innovations from Google, and more.

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Top countries for ad revenue on Android and iOS

Tenjin’s data shows a healthy distribution of revenue and impressions between the two operating systems. North America, South America, EMEA and APAC made up the top markets with the highest incomes.

Based on Tenjin’s trends, InMobi has traditionally performed well in other markets such as Vietnam and Mexico.

Source: Company Report
Source: Company Report

40% of Android revenue comes from advertising

These numbers represent the global average by SSP, so it varies by region and publisher. Some revenue comes from banner ads, while 40% of Android and 30% of iOS revenue is generated from non-banner placements such as interstitial and reward advertising. Some larger publishers get 40% of their income from full-screen ads.

Source: Company Report

As users today prefer formats with choices, the report sees an increase in full-screen placements. In the second quarter of 2022, full-screen ad requests on the InMobi exchange were up 173%, and revenues were up 38% over the previous year.

Interstitial Ads and Google’s Innovations

Beginning September 30, new Google rules prohibit full-screen interstitial ads that show unexpectedly, don’t close after 15 seconds and interrupt user actions.

While the policy improves ad display practices, the game developer community has questioned the potential impact, especially in the hyper-casual genre.

Side note: Tenjin report on the hyper-casual game market.

Analyzing the data, the report found only a 2% decrease in eCPMs on Android due to seasonality. Revenues were up 9%, and shows were up 5%. This suggests a negligible impact on the new advertising recommendations from Google.

Source: Company Report