DIY Makeup by CrazyLabs was released on February 26, 2021. Today, the game passed the milestone of 85 million installations. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

CrazyLabs is a developer and publisher of casual and hyper-casual mobile games. The company was founded in 2010, and today the studio is in the top 5 global mobile publishers. CrazyLabs has over 5 billion installations and 250 million active users.

Side note: Phone Case DIY reaches 200 million installations.

DIY Makeup, CrazyLabs
Source: CrazyLabs

The company has offices in Israel, China, Macedonia, Germany and Ukraine, and hyper-casual game centres in India, Turkey, Serbia and South Africa.

CrazyLabs boasts such hits:

More about DIY Makeup

Source: Google Play

The game is a simulation game in which the gamer makes makeup. The feature of DIY Makeup is the gamer making makeup from available products. Mixing crayons and coconut oil to make lipstick is typical in the game.

In DIY Makeup, the player will feel like a natural stylist and test their creativity by creating makeup, face maxi, mascara and lipsticks.

According to AppMagic, the most active regions in the game were India, Mexico and Brazil. The game has been installed 1,889,073 times in the past 30 days.

Source: AppMagic

DIY Makeup is a constantly evolving game that still captures the imagination and conquers the charts.