In 2024, Netflix will add 2 of the most revered mobile games of all time to its game service. The company announced that Monument Valley and its sequel will be available to subscribers starting in 2024.

This is a significant acquisition, as both games were massive mobile hits upon release and are currently available as part of the Apple Arcade subscription service.

In that short time, the company has released 55 games, with about 40 more planned for later this year and 70 in development with partners.

Side note: Netflix opens new game studio

One of our most popular games on the service, Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game, is based on our popular non-story dating show Too Hot to Handle.

On April 18, Ubisoft will release a game on the service, an RPG called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace, while Super Evil Megacorp, the studio behind mobile multiplayer games like Vainglory, is working on a game related to an upcoming, unannounced Netflix project.