Google has announced the addition of an “Offers” tab to Google Play. This section will provide users with discounts on apps and games. For developers, it will add another option to attract users to apps.

The rollout is well underway and will be available to more people in the U.S., India, and Indonesia in the coming weeks and in other countries later in 2022.

We’re partnering with developers of the best apps and games on Google Play to add new offerings every day. It’s a win-win. We get an extra point of contact with people to share information about a promotion or update.

Allison Boyd, senior marketing manager at Strava

So far, four types of offer discounts are displayed:

  • Game and in-game item sales
  • Discounts on movies and books
  • Information about apps with free, and other extended trials at no cost
  • Apps that offering you free delivery, free rides, and other rewards.

We recall that Google Play Games is now available for Windows users.

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