According to Appmgagic, 2023 turned out to be no less challenging for the mobile market than the year before. User spending went down by around 3.5%, following the decline trend of 2022. Yet, the key genres were not significantly impacted, and downloads remained on the same level. Moreover, the revenue decline wasn’t even: some genres got affected more, while others succeeded in growing significantly. 2023 also saw fewer new releases compared to the year before, and there were even fewer successful ones.

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With the success rate of the new games released drastically low, one can’t help but ask two questions:

  • When releasing a game in 2024, which genre should I choose to make the most of it?
  • How do I operate an existing project in order to maintain and increase earnings?

In this research, we explore the main trends that shaped the market last year and try to answer the questions above by finding potential opportunities for developers in 2024.

The report mainly focuses on the performance of the mobile games market in Tier-1 West countries, which include the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, France and Germany. To operate with representative groups, we compared games across top-level subgenres. We distinguish more than 300 genres in total in our most developed genre classification in the world. Smaller casual genres were excluded, taking for consideration only those that had brought in at least $10M revenue in 2023. As a result, we processed 24 casual genres and their YoY trends.

In order to evaluate genres, we scored them by estimating their success rates. The rate was based on the comparison study of the titles’ data. We compared the total number of titles released in 2023 with the number of “successful” new titles, defined as those generating over $50K in monthly revenue in Tier-1-West countries for the last 30 days before the day when we collected our data.

You can explore all the collected data in the spreadsheet.

From the entire list, 5 casual genres were selected for further in-depth study:

  • Merge-2 with Meta: the genre was the most promising one in 2022, and in 2023 it showed strong revenue growth.
  • Match 3D: a relatively new genre with almost triple YoY revenue growth; it also had one of the highest success rates in 2023 among the casual genres explored.
  • Merge-3 with Meta: the red ocean that, however, showed one of the highest success rates among the explored casual genres in 2023.
  • Match-3 with Meta: the highest grossing casual genre with good revenue growth dynamics and success rate; however, highly competitive.
  • Idle Tycoon: a developing genre with good potential and risk/reward ratio that seemed rather promising in 2022.

Read the original article from AppMagic here

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