For over a decade, the App Store editorial staff has highlighted the best apps and games at the end of the year. This year, Apex Legends Mobile by Electronic Arts has been named the best game for Apple mobile devices.

With so many apps on the App Store, picking a few winners is no easy task. So the team carefully analyzed technical innovation, user experience and design candidates. Then take into account the impact the app had on users’ lives. All potential winners were considered — self-taught developers and huge international companies.

Both blockbusters and indie games, this year’s App Store award winners did more than entertain. Through creative twists and turns, touching stories and thrilling competitions, the games immersed gamers in worlds that showcased the breadth of the genre’s artistic prowess.

Apex Legends Mobile by Electronic Arts was named iPhone Game of the Year. In just two months after launch, the game reached 26 million downloads and earned $20 million. This cleverly redesigned, revolutionary combat game is the best today.

Source: App Store

Side note: Apex Legends Mobile reaches new heights.

The best game in the Apple Arcade was Wylde Flowers. Of all the fantastic games available on Apple Arcade, this simulation game stood out, allowing gamers to connect with unforgettable characters in a world where everyone is accepted for who they are.

The company congratulates the developers who created the games that won this year’s App Store awards. They helped inspire new ideas, connect authentically with themselves, and discover the work of amazing creators.

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