The mobile gaming industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, and TapNation has emerged as a prominent player, recently achieving the remarkable milestone of 1 billion downloads across its portfolio of games. With a global presence spanning 18 countries and a dedicated team of 80 professionals, this company has become a driving force in the world of mobile gaming.

  • Ice Cream Inc.: The Sweet Taste of Success Leading the charge in company’s impressive portfolio is “Ice Cream Inc.” This delectable title has amassed a staggering 220 million downloads on both the AppStore and Google Play, solidifying its status as the company’s most downloaded-game.
  • Giant Rush: A Giant Leap for TapNation “Giant Rush” is yet another star in TapNation’s constellation of hit games, boasting over 200 million downloads.
  • Thief Puzzle: A Puzzling Triumph “Thief Puzzle” has contributed significantly to TapNation’s success, garnering 200 million downloads and earning its place as one of the top 2 most downloaded games in the puzzle genre. With 13 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and counting, Thief Puzzle continues to be a fan favorite, proving that TapNation’s games can keep players engaged and entertained for the long haul.
  • Guess Their Answer: A Brain-Teasing Hit “Guess Their Answer” may not have the same download numbers as some of its siblings, but it has significantly impacted over 60 million downloads. This trivia-style game has claimed the top spot on both the AppStore and Google Play charts.

Collectively, TapNation’s games have amassed an impressive 1 billion downloads, with an active player base of 60 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). This outstanding achievement showcases the company’s ability to attract a massive player base and retain them through compelling and engaging content. The TapNation team of 80 professionals in 18 countries has played a pivotal role in the company’s journey to the 1 billion download milestone.