Logitech G and Tencent Games announced a partnership to bring to market a portable cloud gaming device that brings together the companies’ expertise.

Companies share a vision for the future of gaming and are committed to improving the gaming experience. Cloud games use data centre servers to stream games to consumers. No PC or console games need to be downloaded or installed. Instead, games are played on remote servers, and users interact with them locally on their devices. Both companies are working with the Xbox Cloud Gaming, and NVIDIA GeForce NOW teams to get gamers playing AAA games away from the console or PC.

Side note: The number of mobile game users in China declined for the first time since 2008

Logitech G’s leadership in PC and console gaming hardware makes the company a partner in making our vision of delivering gaming experiences to gamers around the world a reality. Today marks the beginning of pushing the boundaries of gaming devices

Daniel Wu, CEO, Tencent Games Smart Solution Innovation Lab

The authors did not show the appearance or share the device’s technical specifications. However, they plan to release it by the end of 2022.

The Steam Deck is a portable gaming computer developed by Valve Corporation. A good example of a portable cloud gaming device

About Logitech G

Logitech G is an international leader in creating gaming equipment for PCs and consoles. The company offers gamers professional equipment: keyboards, mice, headsets, mouse pads, steering wheels and flight sticks.