As the Immutable X ecosystem continues to grow in size, the L2 scaling solution has welcomed another exciting trading card game (TCG) – Deviants’ Factions, to its platform. Currently, the NFT title is in the Alpha phase, playable from a browser for free.

Initially built on Terra, Deviants’ Factions is a free, play-and-earn TCG with an immersive narrative based on real-world events. There are different card types (Characters and Technologies) and factions (Awaken, Entropy, Inhuman, and Owner) available, providing endless possibilities for the battle outcomes in the game.

Deviants' Factionsб карты Deviants' Factions, Deviants' Factions cards

In every match, two players will duke it out using an 8-card deck to take down each other’s headquarter. You can either use the given deck or build one on your own by buying booster packs from Deviants’ Factions. As shown below, each card will have its own attack points and abilities to help destroy your opponent’s HQ.

Deviants' Factionsб карты Deviants' Factions, Deviants' Factions cards
Уach card haы its own attack points and abilities

Like any other TCGs out there, having the right strategy is crucial in Deviants’ Factions. Players will start with 3 random cards in their hands, which they can redraw once if they want to. Once done, they must place their Characters strategically on the board before the fight begins. As some cards can only work in certain positions, it’s vital for players to know their cards well.

On top of that, Deviants’ Factions uses a dual token model, with $DEV as its native token and Volition ($VOL) as its NFT-based currency. Both tokens are yet to be launched. But the idea is for players to earn $VOL through various gameplay, such as by playing matches, completing challenges, or participating in LiveOps. Then, use $VOL to craft tournament tickets to join events that give out $DEV.

Based on the roadmap, the team will open up the deckbuilding feature to all players today (August 30th). After that, a token sale for $DEV will go live in Q4 2022, followed by the launch of LiveOps, Tournaments, and PvP battles.

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