Yumon has launched the first player-owned creator fantasy world. The game turns YouTubers and streamers into fantasy heroes through authenticated digital collectibles.

It’s a game where streamers and YouTubers are the heroes. Back in January, the company raised $2 million from creators and business angels from Meta, Epic, Unity, Webedia, Ubisoft, Twitch and The Sandbox. Using blockchain-based NFTs, Yumon combines digital ownership, mainstream game mechanics and the creator economy.

The game aims to get influencers on its side by building a new revenue stream for creators while giving them innovative ways to interact with fans and giving a solid alternative to their ad-only revenue model. About 98% of revenues for content creators come from ads.

Fans can take advantage of their belongings to play and earn in the virtual tournaments offered by the game. They can also freely trade their items and enjoy exclusive experiences which allow them to earn money and prizes. In this way, Yumon is an augmented form of patronage that better aligns creators and fan interests while mainstreaming digital ownership.

For creators

Yumon, creators

Yumon has selected 18 creators to kick-start the Genesis season. The company allows creators to value the brand they have successfully created on Twitch and YouTube through a fantasy game where they are heroes. Since they get a cut, creators can be less dependent on ads to fuel their business.

Yumon allows creators to be 100% consistent with the products they promote on their channels and feel comfortable with them. Creators can promote custom digital products that are fully personalized and integrated into their creative universe.

For fans

yumon, fans

The company allows fans to use the knowledge of their favourite content creators in a creator fantasy game. Here, fans can navigate digital worlds with their content idols. Viewers can access digital properties without any knowledge of Web3.

With this plan, Yumon hopes to bring accessibility and fun to the Web3 technologies mainly dedicated to crypto-educated users today. This way company wants to democratize blockchain technology, treating it as a regular technology that deserves to fade into the background as it is integrated into something with utility.

Side note: Ready Player Me raises $56 million in a Series B round.