Xsolla has introduced two new systems, Xsolla Accelerator and Xsolla Payout, to help aspiring developers manage game growth.

Xsolla Accelerator teaches early-stage developers how to prepare games for launch properly and show presentations to investors for funding. Developers apply to participate in educational programs led by industry mentors and qualify for up to $100,000 in funds to prepare for the next stage.

Game authors will also contact publishers and investors for funding to create and launch games.

Studios feel safe working with Xsolla and the company’s attempt at publishing rights. Xsolla supports developers in all negotiations, assisted by an extensive network of investor partners and industry experts, to succeed and obtain funding.

Evgeny Maleev, Xsolla Accelerator Program Manager

Xsolla Payouts

Xsolla Payouts simplifies mass payments and optimizes operational efficiency. In addition to processing payments, the system takes care of registration, compliance, KYC and tax reporting.

Gaming is a two-way street. The company processes transactions and knows what the digital world values more. Xsolla takes over global payment operations while creators focus on content.

Chris Hewish, president of Xsolla

Side note: Xsolla Pay Station.