Up & coming hyper-casual developer FourSevenSeven releases first hit game with German publisher Sunday.

The production-cycle for hyper-casual games is short and decisions need to be quick if you want to find success. That’s why studios partner up with publishers to receive insights to the market and know-how to build a profitable game. They put their trust and ideas into the hands of publishing managers to turn their games into financial success.

More often than not, these partnerships are purely transactional and lack the close connection and partnership that the developers would like to see. It feels like discovering a hidden treasure when a developer finds a publisher that empowers it’s partner-studios like their own development-teams and also brings all the sought after experience to the table. It’s like hitting the jackpot!

For russian developer FourSevenSeven it seems like this dream came true when they partnered up with Hamburg based publisher Sunday.

We got to know about Sunday through a Publishing Manager who we’ve worked with before as part of our previous collaborations. He told us about a young publisher with a flexible approach to communicating with developers.

Mikhail Pershin, developer at FourSevenSeven

FourSevenSeven had a concept in hand for which they were looking for the right publisher. In their mind, the game concept had all the right ingredients to become their first successful hyper-casual game:

In Sunday, we hoped to find a reliable and experienced partner with whom we could release our first successful game and, thanks to their expertise, quickly and without delay go to the soft launch and then to the global release. Fortunately, everything we hoped for in this partnership came true!

Mikhail Pershin, developer at FourSevenSeven

Together with Sunday it took the team only a few weeks to go from concept to release. Early KPIs were straight up promising and the publishing managers at Sunday knew how to turn the right screws to make them even better. But Sunday did not only send out their Publishing Managers out for support but also supported with best-in-class game design help. Together they could assist FourSevenSeven in every way possible:

For us, the best experience was the help in development from a professional game designer from Sunday. Thanks to the detailed and careful game design, we got nice and promising gaming metrics already on the first tests. It was like magic. In addition, on the part of the publisher, the game was run by an amazing business manager, who always promptly and quickly resolved all emerging issues, shared the results with us and helped us interpret them.

Mikhail Pershin, developer at FourSevenSeven

This resulted in a very successful release with Ragdoll Smasher entering the Top10 Charts within 10 days. It took less than two months from idea to global release with ongoing optimizing and caretaking from Sundays Publishing Management.

Both parties hope to continue and optimize on “Ragdoll Smasher” in the coming weeks and months and to form a long term partnership.

Mikhail and his partner are a blast to work with. I can honestly say that they’re one of the best developer teams I’ve ever been working with. This results in having the ability to release successful games very fast as their creative and data-driven approach makes our work pretty fun and easy. For 2022 we plan to keep making engaging quality products while keeping our speed and passion about hyper-casual.

Eugen Quiring, Senior Publishing Manager at Sunday

Ragdoll Smasher in Google Play Market and App Store