Web3 shooter Undead Blocks, developed by Wagyu Games Studio, was the first full-fledged blockchain game, launched on the ImmutableX platform earlier this year.

A side note: Avalon has received $13 million investment to create a meta-universe

Currently in beta, the game is available to play on PC, Mac, and after a while the developers will add the shooter to mobile platforms via a special cloud streaming service, which will give the full quality of graphics and visuals.

Web3 shooter Undead Blocks
Screenshot from the multiplayer

Immutable is pleased to provide Wagyu Games Studio with our full suite of cutting-edge solutions and toolkit to help make the game the hit it aspires to be.

Andrew Sorokowski, Vice President of Immutable

Among other things, this is the first survival shooter launched on ImmutableX. Its concept is based on the zombie apocalypse, and every weapon, of which there are many, is presented in NFT format. The game has raised $1.7 million in venture funding, and also uses the Unity engine to provide the most comfortable gameplay possible.