Web Master 3D by TapNation was released on September 28, 2021. Today the game celebrates reaching 20 million downloads. The company announced this on its official LinkedIn account.

Web Master 3D was published by TapNation, which was founded in 2019. In that time, the studio has released many hits:

Side note: Thief Puzzle reaches 100 million downloads.

About Web Master 3D

Web Master 3D by TapNation

The game was developed by OUAZ GAMES, a hyper-casual studio founded in March 2018.

Web Master 3D is a casual game in which the player acts as a superhero and shoots a web net to catch enemies.

The life of a superhero is not easy and dangerous. With great power came great responsibility. In this game, the gamer is the only saving light for the city. With the skills of Spider-Man, the gamer shoots spider webs at enemies to immobilize them or stick them to the wall. Also, using the web, the player throws objects at the bad guys’ heads.

And what without the spectacular flights on the web. The gamer travels all over the city, flying from building to building and looking for new adventures. At the end of each tale, the player faces New York City’s most dangerous bosses.

In addition, we will have to observe the cars and other elements in Web Master 3D. For example, on some levels, it will be necessary to pin a web in certain places to get to the enemy.