The esteemed Hyper Games Conference (HGC) has been a prominent gathering for years, fostering collaboration and ideation among gaming visionaries. Today, we witness the rebirth of this iconic event as the HIT Games Conference – a metamorphosis that promises to redefine the gaming landscape as we know it. As the gaming world’s spotlight shifts toward this groundbreaking event, we were privileged to sit down with the mastermind behind this rebranding, Eugene Lavrinenko. As the esteemed CEO of HIT Games Conference, his vision and insight are paramount to understanding the aspirations and ambitions that lie ahead for the gaming community.

Hello, Eugene. Congratulations on the new name for the company. Would you mind telling us more about the update and its reasons?

Hello, thanks! Yes, after 2.5 years of the company’s operation, we carried out some rebranding. For the most part, we left the abbreviation HGC and replaced Hyper with HIT. In 2.5 years, we have become a recognizable brand in the b2b gaming industry, organizing events mainly for the mobile gaming market with an emphasis on hypercasual.

Since the beginning of this year, however, our focus has expanded to encompass all aspects of the gaming industry. In this regard, the naming also required an update.

We are rebranding HGC!
From now on, the conference will focus not only on hypercasual but also on mobile, PC & console, VR & AR?

I would say so, the main focus is on mobile games, but there are also directions for PC & console, VR & AR. There will still be a whole line of hyper / hybrid casual games, but it will only take up around 20% of other content, I estimate.

This begs the question, is this due to hypercasual market changes?

As our company grows, we naturally expand our coverage areas. We are already the b2b event brand #1 in terms of recognition in the hyper games, now it’s the turn for other areas of games and expansion.

How will brand renewal and destination expansion affect summit and conference participants?

Generally, this won’t happen, it’s already happened; since the beginning of the year, we’ve already expanded our events’ content to cover the entire gaming market. The number of attendees and target audience of our events increased as a result.

Fine. Why HIT Games Conference?

It’s simple, we didn’t want to change the name radically, while getting away from associations with hyper-cage, and we have been organizing events since the start of 2023 for the entire gaming market (from mobile to consoles, we’ve had game developers).

HIT is a short, capacious and recognizable word in red. I wish to each and every participant of our event, and may even more hits be released by them! Therefore, the choice was obvious.

Thanks, that was awesome. What events can we expect this year?
Thanks for the interview

Thank you! I am looking forward to see everyone at our events!