WW2-inspired strategy Warpath by Lilith Games has passed 30 million downloads on mobile and PC, the company has reported.

In Warpath, players will create their army, transforming it from a small militia into a well-oiled machine. The game’s dynamic battles feature a wide range of realistic World War II-era units. Infantry and armoured vehicles, artillery and aviation – these and other squads are present in the game.

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Warpath’s gameplay

Aside from the fact that Lilith Games is still one of the most popular and successful mobile game developers out there, the fact that historical games can pique players’ interest is also present. While other Lilith games like Rise of Kingdoms adhere to a broader historical aesthetic, it’s unusual to see something like World War 2 become such a hit. But it seems that by following its patented formula, Lilith has had great success with this game.