Vampire Survivors from Poncle Studios was released on December 8, 2022. According to AppMagic, the game has exceeded one million installations today.

Side note: Wooga celebrates 500 millionth milestone.

Vampire Survivors is a casual gothic horror game with elements of a simplistic RPG. Each gamer’s decision triggers a consequence that affects the game.

According to AppMagic, as of December 17, the game has been installed by 629,674 players in the AppStore and 626,655 gamers in Google Play. In total, the game has been installed 1,256,329 times.

AppStore data
Google Play data

Poncle hasn’t invested in UA, so these downloads are purely organic. The game has no IAP, but the company monetizes the product through incentive advertising at the end of each playthrough, with which players get lives and gold.

The studio is now working on implementing save transfer between the mobile, Xbox and PC versions of the game.