Unity announcing two new AI products: Unity Muse, an expansive platform for AI-driven assistance during creation, and Unity Sentis, which allows you to embed neural networks in your builds to enable previously unimaginable real-time experiences. The company has begun to shape its AI ecosystem.

  • AI Hub is a marketplace with AI software operating within the Unity Asset Store. It now hosts solutions such as Leonardo.Ai, Convai, and Replica Studios.
  • Unity Muse is an AI-powered toolkit that developers can use to quickly create “almost anything” in the Unity editor from a text description or sketch. The first tool in the set is called Muse Chat. It searches for information in documents and other Unity materials. For example, Muse Chat can find examples of working code.
  • Unity Sentis is a solution that allows developers to use neural networks in all games and applications that run on Unity-supported platforms.

Unity is currently running a closed beta, testing Muse and Sentis. The open beta will launch before the end of the year.