It is astonishing that Ubisoft London (known for their successful Hungry Shark games) risks closure soon. This decision by Ubisoft, which put 54 positions at risk, has caused shockwaves in the gaming industry and left fans worrying about the future of their favorite franchise.

Founded as Future Games of London in 2009 and later known as Ubisoft London, the company gained attention for its trailblazing mobile games with the launch of Hungry Shark in 2010. Gradually, the franchise became very well-known with more than one billion downloads worldwide to its name.

Ubisoft will now manage the Hungry Shark franchise from their Barcelona Mobile location instead. Ubisoft’s broader strategy for efficiency, streamlined operations, and lower costs drives this move.

Employees at London company face an uncertain future as a result of the proposed closure. Consultations, which are set to follow UK regulations, may trigger changes affecting not only gamers but also the broader gaming community.

Decision to Close the Studio by Ubisoft

Despite its success, Ubisoft reorganized with Barcelona Mobile managing the Hungry Shark franchise. This move aims to improve efficiency and streamline operations within the organization.

Despite the shock of their decision, Ubisoft had to cut costs following lowered sales expectations earlier in the year. The closing of London company is one aspect linked to an overarching reorganization happening in many operations inside the business.

Ubisoft released a statement addressing these changes: The Ubisoft team announced plans to bring together management of the Shark franchise at their Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile studio as part of an effort to increase efficiency and reduce costs.