According to AppMagic, Twerk Race 3D has been downloaded more than 105 million times. For the publisher FreePlay, this game was the third most downloaded game, behind Count Masters and Fidget Toys Trading.

Contrary to the fact that the game came out 2 years ago, it is still able to generate millions of downloads every month. For example, the game was downloaded more than 8 million times in June, which is a great figure for a hyper casual project in the current mobile market conditions.

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Twerk Race 3D

Most of the downloads were generated in India (16% of the total), Brazil (10%) and the US (8%). That said, financially, the game brought in about $18,000 over two years, which is generally average for the genre (though sometimes the figure goes into the hundreds of thousands of dollars).

As practice shows, classic hyper-casual games continue to hold their positions stably, not yielding to more advanced hybrid-casual projects.