Appmagic data shows these are the top 10 mobile games for September 2023. These earnings are estimates of developer earnings from IAP and do not include Apple and Google’s 30% cut or ad revenue. Tencent’s Honor of Kings continues to hold onto its top spot as the most financially successful game, and Dream Games’ Royal Match is steadily catching up.

Overview of the top 10 mobile games in 2023

From reigning champions like Honor of Kings to remarkable runners like Monopoly Go, we delve into the performance metrics, revenue patterns and download trends that have defined these games’ success stories this month. Whether you’re a game developer seeking inspiration or a passionate gamer curious about the market dynamics behind your favorite pastime, this comprehensive review offers valuable insights into what makes a mobile game top-grossing in today’s competitive landscape.

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Honor of Kings: The Reigning Champion

Despite a nearly 15 million dollar decline in month-over-month IAP revenue, Honor of Kings held onto its first place position as top grossing game in September. This speaks to the game’s utter dominance, earning so substantially that even a double-digit million dollar revenue drop did not impact its ranking.

Analysis on Revenue Decline

The regression behind Honor of Kings’ untouchable throne is likely just a minor blip rather than start of a downward spiral. Fluctuations in monthly revenue are expected. The game still earned an estimated $150 million in September from IAPs alone, outpacing the competition by nearly $70 million. With these massive revenues, Tencent can continuously invest to keep the game feeling fresh. Some players may have reduced spending in September, but Honor of Kings has tremendous staying power and many levers to reignite revenue growth. Its top rank appears secure for the foreseeable future.

Monopoly Go’s Remarkable Run

Monopoly Go has enjoyed a remarkable run in 2023, rising to second place among top grossers for September. This title generated approximately $88 million during the month, an impressive increase of $8 million over its August haul.

PUBG Mobile: A Rollercoaster Journey

PUBG Mobile has been on a rollercoaster ride in 2023. After dropping to around $72 million in June, the game rebounded to almost $108 million in August. September saw it settle back to $83 million.

Royal Match: Leveling Out After a Growth Spurt

After experiencing meteoric growth throughout much of 2023, Royal Match revenue leveled off at around $80 million in September. While down slightly from its $84.3 million peak in July, this consistency over the past three months indicates that Royal Match has likely found its ceiling.

Candy Crush Saga: Holding On Despite Revenue Declines

Candy Crush Saga has managed to hold onto 6th place among top grossers, despite six consecutive months of declining IAP revenue. The game earned $69.3 million in September, its lowest total since February 2022.

Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact: Sibling Rivalry or Complementary Success?

Honkai Star Rail held fifth place among top grossers in September, despite an $8 million decline in IAP revenue. Interestingly, its sister title Genshin Impact gained $10 million over the same period. This inverse relationship has fueled speculation about whether the two Mihoyo games are engaged in a sibling rivalry, competing for players’ time and wallets.


While September’s top 10 mobile games offer useful insights, new disruptors could shake up the rankings next month. Developers must closely track player behavior metrics, overall market forces, and competitor moves to react quickly. Companies who master rapid iteration and data-driven live operations will stand the best chance of securing a coveted spot among the top grossers. Exciting new innovations and business models could also emerge to shake up future charts. The mobile gaming ecosystem will continue rapidly evolving, making each month’s rankings just a snapshot of an industry in constant motion. Stay tuned for the top 10 mobile games for another month!