Mobile games have already stopped surprising anyone with their high revenues and downloads, which are just as good as PC and console games. Our editorial team brings you the top 10 mobile games in terms of revenue in 2023, data taken from AppMagic.

Honor of Kings

Since the beginning of 2023, the game has managed to earn almost $600 million, a fine result considering that 99% of this amount (as well as total revenue) is coming from China. Overall time, this game has earned its creators just over $9 billion with 300 million downloads.

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Genshin Impact

As popular as the acclaimed Honkai: Star Rail was, it still has a long way to go. The game earned $432 million in five months. It is still generating $50 million each month, which is a good result.

Candy Crush Saga

The most popular match-3 game in less than six months has brought in $426 million for developers, bringing in $81 million each month. The bulk of this money comes from the US, while downloads (which, by the way, amounted to as much as 1.2 billion in 10 years!) are generated in India.

PUBG Mobile

The classic in the battle royal genre has brought in almost $400 million in 5 months and that’s just as far as the mobile version of the game is concerned. Overall, it is the most popular game in the genre, leaving its competitors far behind.


The online game-creation platform is not grazing its backside on mobile devices either. Developers made $331 million in 5 months on mobile devices alone, earning an average of $60 million monthly. Most of the revenue is generated in the US.

Coin Master

The most popular casino game brings its developers $305 million in less than six months. The total revenue was more than 3 billion and again the US was the leader, bringing in about 50% of that amount.

Royal Match

You either play the game or at least you’ve seen the ads for it – there’s no third because practically EVERYONE knows about it. In 5 months, the game managed to earn $256 million, compared to $841 million for the entire time since its release.


Another match-3 on our list. Gardenscapes has earned $3 billion overall time, of which $244 million has been earned since the start of 2023. Also, 56 million downloads of the game were recorded during this period.

Pokémon GO

A game from the augmented reality Pokémon franchise caused a sensation among gamers around the world in the year of its release. Of course, years later, this success faded and was overshadowed by other projects, but that didn’t stop the game from earning $220 million.

Monster Strike

Monster Strike is one of the most popular and profitable mobile games in Japan. In the last six months, the game has earned just over $200 million, compared to more than $6 billion for the entire post-release period. 98% of the game’s revenue comes from Japan.

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