AppMagic has shared a new report on the top 10 hypercasual games in Q2 2023. This time, to bring more insights into the unique nature of the new mobile titles, AppMagic has invited colleagues from Homa Games and Playducky to join the discussion.

General Hypercasual Market Trends

As usual, we’re going to start off with a quick look at the general market trends.

Top 10 Hypercasual Games in Q2 2023

Comparing total downloads of Q2 2023 to Q1 2023, we see a decrease of about 5%. The market has shrunk from 3.9B to 3.7B installs over the past three months. A larger drop can be identified if we compare Q2 2023 to Q2 2022. Last year, the number of downloads in the same period reached 4.2B; therefore, we are witnessing a 12% decline. However, this downtrend from Q1 to Q2 has been consistent over the years.

In terms of regional split, the largest decrease is attributed to the Tier-1 East market: it went down by 22%, compared to a 15% drop in the previous quarter. The Tier-1 West segment has also declined by a notable 13% (against a mere 2% slump in the winter months). The smallest fall of 6% concerns all the other countries combined (similarly to Q1 2023).

Top 10 Hypercasual Games By Downloads

Now, it’s time for a deep dive into the top 10 hypercasual games by downloads!

As one might have expected, we can see several oldies on our list: Bridge RaceGoing BallsRace Master 3D – Car Racing and Car Games 3D: Car Racing. It feels like we should start betting on how many more times we’re going to mention them! However, for those who need to brush up on what these titles are all about, here’s the link to our earlier article.

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