It’s time for a quarterly overview of the top 10 hyper-casual games market segment from AppMagic. Let’s see who got to the top!

Firstly, let’s compare the yearly results. During the months of April, May and June, the market reached 4.4 billion downloads. Comparing Q2 2022 to Q2 2021, we see that the market has grown by 10%: the downloads in Q2 2022 were 4.4 billion and in Q2 2021 – 4.0 billion.

  1. Bridge Race – 55.6 million – Supersonic Studios
  2. Tall Man Run – 49.5 million – Supersonic Studios
  3. Fill The Fridge – 48.8 million – Rollic
  4. Race Master 3D – Car Racing – 46.7 million – SayGames
  5. Merge Master – Dinosaur Fusion – 39 million – Homa Games
  6. Deliver it 3D – 34.2 million – Voodoo
  7. DOP 4: Draw One Part – 33.7 million – SayGames
  8. Going Balls – 31.6 million – Supersonic Studios
  9. Dessert DIY – 30.3 million – CrazyLabs
  10. Count Masters: Stickman Games – 27.8 million – FreePlay

Let’s look at the interesting newcomers on the list.

Tall Man Run

Let’s take a look at the new games in the chart. Tall Man Run was the first one to draw our attention, which holds the second position at the top with its 49.6 million downloads. Developers took a complex approach: they mixed in some trending mechanics (making the character taller and wider), made the game more dynamic (added levels and included new obstacles), introduced more monetization features (such as the skins shop), produced cunning and quality creatives to lower CPI.

Fill the Fridge

The third place in the top took Fill the Fridge with 48.8 million installs and a major share of those (15%) coming from the US. Fill the Fridge is a puzzle where the player has to organize the space in the fridge, trying to fit in as many products as possible. Such trends come from TikTok, where videos of fridge restocking have been harvesting millions of likes. It is no news that TikTok turns out to be the source of inspiration for developers and a pretty good platform to share ads.

Deliver It 3D

Let’s now jump to position six, which got Deliver It 3D with 34 million downloads. Deliver It 3D is a hyper-casual game where the general goal is to deliver orders to the clients, avoid obstacles on the way, and earn as much money as possible. Hyper-casual Death Stranding?

DOP 4: Draw One Part

Position with lucky number 7 and a huge jump up took DOP 4: Draw One Part with 33.7 million downloads. The point is to solve puzzles by using your powers of logic and lateral thinking as you work through a huge series of cute drawings that all have something a little wrong with them.

There are many similar games to be found in our classification by the tag Draw Line Puzzle. Even SayGames themselves released several “prequels” before with slightly different mechanics.

Dessert DIY

The final game, which got up and sits at position 9 at the top, is Dessert DIY. It reached 30.4 million installations in only one month after its release. The concept is about making desserts for clients at their request, and bettering the cafe by buying equipment and furniture.

We definitely can say that many successful developers in the hyper-casual segment have adopted a multi-faceted approach to game design with a few distinct specifics to it.

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