Titanfall 2 is actively attracting players. At the time of writing the news, more than 21.8 thousand people were playing the Steam version of the title at the same time. This is almost 10 times more than on September 4. After EA kills the perfect title, players prove what they want, but in the end, we will get another FIFA, Need For Speed, which will be forgotten after a month and other projects. As they say, EA has everything going according to plan. The company steadily continues to kill games dear to gamers’ hearts in pursuit of money.

Right now, Titanfall 2’s online is higher than any part of Battlefield. For example, Battlefield 2042’s current online is 6.8 thousand people. This is all thanks to the exciting and non-usual gameplay and mechanics of playing with Titans (humanoid battle mechs). The game was exciting with its wild dynamic and variation in the gameplay plan.

To thank for the surge in popularity is a promotion on Steam. Titanfall 2 has been on sale for the last two days with a 90% discount. The previous time, the Steam version of Titanfall 2 crossed the threshold of 21 thousand simultaneous players in May 2021 during the free weekend, but after a while, online began to fall very quickly. But, then, the game updated its online record with 27.6 thousand people.

True pilots will say “For the Frontier and BT7274”. Players won’t forgive EA for this, ever!