Today, we are proud to introduce a series of initiatives that are specifically designed to provide crucial support to indie game developers during these trying times in the mobile gaming industry.

Like many of our peers in the industry, we were taken aback by the recent adjustments made in the freshly announced Unity’s pricing policy. The response from the gaming community has been overwhelmingly negative. In solidarity with our esteemed partners, a significant number of whom have already come together to articulate their concerns through a collective letter, we affirm our strong commitment to supporting them during these challenging times.

Regrettably, these changes—much like the ones before—will disproportionately impact indie developers. With profit margins already razor-thin, these alterations are poised to place hundreds of smaller game studios on the brink of financial turmoil.

We firmly believe that in times of industry-wide challenges, we have an obligation to take proactive steps to support those who make the gaming world vibrant and innovative, and there is no question that indie developers play a big role in this. Whether Unity’s decision remains in force or undergoes modification, we refuse to stand by idly.

Instead, we are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of indie developers. We understand the hardships that many of them are facing. Therefore, in an effort to ease their burdens, we are unveiling three initiatives tailored to support indie game developers navigating these challenges:

1. Increasing Profit Margins for Indies

In our commitment to level the playing field for indie developers, we’re introducing an ‘All inclusive’ package designed exclusively for indies. The package offers a significant number of attributions at the most competitive rates in the market, with all essential add-ons included. No hidden fees, just clear and transparent pricing. We believe that by reducing costs on marketing analytics, we can help indies increase their profit margins. To learn more about this exclusive offer, please shoot an email to with ‘All Inclusive offer for indies’ in the subject line.

2. Creating a United Community

One silver lining in these challenging times has been the united front demonstrated within the gaming community in the face of new challenges. We’ve witnessed this same spirit within our closed Discord community for app developers called “ROI 101”. The community was initially created to support developers embarking on their self-publishing journeys. But having seen how members have come together to discuss their distresses post the Unity announcement, we have decided to open our doors to the wider community and welcome more developers into this collaborative space. If you’d like to join this community of like-minded indie developers, please drop a line to

3. Ensuring Compatibility and Flexibility

While the future remains uncertain, we want to assure developers that we are here to support their choices. We understand that developers may explore different game engines moving forward. That’s why we are prioritizing Tenjin SDK compatibility with the most popular game engines to facilitate a seamless transition. Regardless of the engine you choose, we aim to make your journey as smooth as possible.

At Tenjin, we’re not just about business; we’re about community, creativity, and collaboration. Together, we can weather these challenges and emerge stronger, more resilient, and more united than ever before.

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