The Sandbox begins its first digital real estate sale in its meta-universe today, February 14. Ledger, Dogami, Tap Nation, Kongregate, Habbo, Cut the Rope, Hermit Crab, Playground and Alien Worlds will be joining the meta-universe.

A side note: MondayOff Studio launches Spring Festa hyper-casual games competition

Registration for The Sandbox sale starts today and the token sale itself will begin on February 20. There will be 385 Land for sale, 45 of which will be premium and will be sold along with exclusive NFTs.

In order to purchase a piece of digital real estate, buyers need to have a KYCed account. The right to purchase the land will be conducted in a raffle format for participants who want to buy a regular Land token and for those participants who want to buy a premium Land. Those wishing to do so can enter both raffles.

The Sandbox